Eugene Chiropractic Spinal Care Treatment Plan: Nutritional Tea!

Drink for health? Yes, when the drink is tea! Aging-related skeletal pain responds nicely to muscle and joint boosters like those in green tea. Rethwill Chiropractic Clinic offers nutritional advice like drinking green tea to our Eugene chiropractic patients.


Skeletal risks like disc height loss and changes like the two joint and muscle diseases called osteoarthritis and sarcopenia come with aging. A recent study described how height loss and vertebral fractures in postmenopausal women were linked. The researchers decided that age rather than the height loss was suggested to be the better method of determining risk of vertebral fracture. (1) Spinal osteoarthritis was associated with stature loss in postmenopausal women, a condition documented to decrease quality of life. (2) Cartilage is the sufferer of these diseases’ inflammatory and degenerative processes. The loss of strength and muscle mass that accompanies sarcopenia requires attention to quantity and quality of skeletal muscle mass. This is where green tea comes into play. Green tea contains catechins that foster healthy joints and skeletal muscle by decreasing inflammatory mediators. (3) Rethwill Chiropractic Clinic hopes you may enjoy some beneficial green tea!


Green tea comes in many forms. Another new article reports that knee osteoarthritis patients were helped by a combination of curcuminoids, collagen and green tea extract which were shown to inhibit inflammation. The researchers suggested that natural ingredients have a rational role in the management of osteoarthritis. (4) Another natural option: spearmint tea! A report of how spearmint teas affected knee osteoarthritis discovered that a commercial spearmint tea improved stiffness and physical disability while a spearmint tea brewed from a high-rosmarinic acid (high-rosA) variety significantly decreased pain. (5) Rosmarinic acid is taken from the woody, perennial herb, rosemary. it’s a polyphenolic compound with antioxidant properties. Polyphenols are written to be anti-cancer, anti-tumor cell proliferation, anti-apoptosis (cell death), anti-metastasis, and anti-inflammatory. Rosmarinic acid is found in plant species like the mint. (6) Rethwill Chiropractic Clinic is on the lookout for some high-rosA spearmint tea to add to the Eugene chiropractic treatment plan.


For degenerative skeletal diseases, Eugene chiropractic care at Rethwill Chiropractic Clinic is gently relieving. In combination with nutrition, exercise, and stress-reduction, Rethwill Chiropractic Clinic’s use of Cox Technic helps spine pain conditions.

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Schedule your Eugene chiropractic appointment soon. Schedule a tea party soon, too, to drink your way to potentially better knees afflicted with osteoarthritis and healthier skeletal and joint systems.

Rethwill Chiropractic Clinic shares the benefits of green tea on skeletal health, a bonus for our Eugene chiropractic patients. 
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